Jewish and xuetas of Palma


A guided tour around the Jewish quarters of Palma.

You will immerse yourself in the history, mysteries and fun facts of this community that lived in Palma de Mallorca before and after their exile or conversion up to the 20th Century.

It’s a round tour that begins in “plaça Santa Eulàlia” and finishes at the same place. We will deal with different terms used to describe places, customs, religion and the society of the Hebrew community of Mallorca.

During the Middle and part of the Modern Age, in Palma there were two calls jueus, that refers to the jewish quarter of the Aragon Kingdom. Even though being located nearby the most touristic areas in Palma such as the Cathedral, the Cityhall and Plaza Mayor, the jewish district is known for its serenity, peace and quietness that you feel among its streets and alleys.

The main subject will be the Hebrew community in Mallorca from its beginnings until the first half of the 15th Century, when their definitive christian conversion took place or their exile to safer lands, where they could start a new life. Futhermore, we will talk about the life of the converted descendants (also called xuetes) within mallorcan society up to the current Hebrew community of the Balearic Islands.

Its history, legends, anecdotes and characters will be combined with curiosities, aspects and the everyday life in a medieval city such as Ciutat de Mallorques. Moreover, we will admire one of the most important stately homes of the old town hidden among the narrow streets and alleys of the jewish quarter or call jueu of Palma.

Meeting point

Plaça de Santa Eulàlia. Palma de Mallorca. (go to Google Maps)

  • Minimum group of 10 people.
  • Wednesdays at 5 p.m.
  • Price:  12€/person

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