Stories, illusions and truths about Palma.


Is everything exactly the way they we have been told? Who knows how those events really took place?

Famous characters such as aristocrats, kings, architects, assassins and secretaries will show us the history. All of them introduced by a guide with special powers who use them to reveal the history of Mallorca.

During the tour we will come on a journey through the time: from the 13th Century, where we meet one of the most important mallorcan characters; until the 17th Century, where we finish with one of the most fearsome institutions of all the times. In addition, we talk about conquests, important buildings, even murders and executions. Furthermore, between stops we will explain some curiosities and anecdotes about Palma.

The entire visit will take place in four different scenes; all of them are important places in the old town of Palma from the sunset until the night, creating different and natural landscapes, sceneries and atmospheres, due to we just use the streets, its lights and sounds as scene, without artificial sets, giving way to the improvisation and imagination.

With Stories, illusions and truths about Palma we want to make known and provide the theatrical tours through the old town of Palma as a different way to explain the history: mixing walking tours and theatre on the street. Then, Stories, illusions and truths about Palma would be considerate our presentation to local people, curious visitors and new arrival people from various cities in the world, who want to enjoy, laugh or just maybe amuse with our special way to explain the history.

Meeting point

Plaça de Santa Eulàlia. Palma de Mallorca. (go to Google Maps)

  • Minimum group of 5 people.
  • Saturdays at 8 p.m.
  • Price:  12€

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